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Hello to all, it has been a while since our last blog (almost a month) but who’s counting?! I mean honestly I think it is a good sign if a group doesn’t blog too much, it shows that they are working night and day on their film (which we have been). For the most part we have gotten a steady pace going. Our due date is April 12th, which is a little scary. That’s about 21 days away! My how the time flies! Anyways, this weekend we are shooting some scenes at the Connolly house and after that, just some extra shots, editing and other various tasks. So yeah… we are pretty much wrapping it up. We’ll try to get another blog out soon… but no promises!




This is the last of the Nick Pick scripts. The story came straight out of Dave Newman’s life. One day, Dave was wearing a tie in Mr. Alan’s class after school, when a friend walked right by him without saying hi. When Dave asked her what was going on, she replied that she didn’t recognize him with the tie on and thought he was a teacher. Jenny Sifferlen is directing this project along with the young upstart Rory Hardiman. (See Triple-Dog Dare buzz for more on Jenny Siff). I’ve been impressed at the determination of this crew; they work hard on getting their shots. They also work silently, as in I often have no idea as to what they’re shooting or when. This has lead to a sense of wonder and a decrease in buzz. Part of the reason for their lack of noise is that they are a small crew (3 students up until a few weeks ago), and also they’re not the best communicators with a dearth of blogs and tweets. Nevertheless, I’ve seen their footage and it looks spot on. Of course, it never hurts to have last year’s Best Actor, Justin Connolly, as your lead. This small, tight crew got a lot of help with the key addition of Christian Boran second semester. Boran has made an immediate impact not only on this film but also on other films like Wicked Man and A Serious Student. He is filled with great ideas and willing to do whatever to help out. This little movie could do some big damage if all the cool elements (memorable faculty performances, surprise cameos, etc.) come out as planned.

Buzz: Venti Iced Coffee with Milk


A non-factor. They just don’t have the guns. Justin can once in a while come through, and Rory knows some of the old-time stuff; nevertheless, they need some serious help. Boran is their only hope. He certainly knows his music and is quick, but will he be enough to lift these guys out of the gutter?

Unleash the Boran!


Hey you guys its Boran, I would first like to start off by bringing you up to speed with what has been going on in Pomelo… soo basically, next week we will be filming on site at the Connolly house. These will be some wicked important scenes, art direction is without a doubt one of our main concerns. After that we will be at WHS getting some scenes with the infamous, the inspiring Jeff the Janitor (cause its not a film festival movie without Jeff) and the superintendent. Should be a good time, maybe Jeff will shed some of his wisdom with us. Anyways, yeah so I’m still a bit new to film fest, and this is my first blog so no hating. I am honored to be in the Pomelo crew, they are all hard working individuals that get things done. That being said, what has been up with all the other groups? I mean honestly, no one compares to Pomelo. It’s like if Zeus and the rest of the greek gods were to throw down. Yeah Athena and Poseidon can do some damage, but at the end of the day Zeus will disembowel them in his sleep. I defiantly made the right decision joining them. So yeah, that’s about it. Vacation week will be a good time to get things squared away and prepared for the big night. That’s about it, take care and have a great vacation.


Bakale Cleans Up His Act


Hello Pomelo Readers!

We are deeply sorry for our lack of blogging recently; we’ve been just so busy!  To start off we have a new addition to our crew…Christian Boran! Boran is hopping on as our Asst. Director for our wonderful studio project!  We always love new members of ClubMelo. Well we are getting quite excited because February break is coming up and we are gonna GET STUFF DONE!  Get PUMPED Pomelo lovers!  I know I am!  We have also casted two new people to play Dan Webber’s parents. MR. AND MRS. CONNOLLY! (my mom and dad!!!) Everyone at ClubMelo is thrilled to have them part of our movie, it should be spectacular.  Jen and Rory are doing an incredible job with their direction of this movie! They are fantastic. And we apologize that we haven’t had any art direction meetings, we haven’t forgotten about you, we just haven’t needed any big art direction…yet.

Well this is the Master Blogger signing off for now.

Stay Melo my friends….


Pomelo on the Nest


Hello Pomelo Disciples!

This was our first week of filming and it couldn’t have gone better!  Mr O’Malley is fantastic!  He’s been doing a great job.  Who knew he had all of that hidden talent.  We have Justin all classy in his suit and his fancy shoes and what not. He’s a handsome fella. He also has the acting skills of Gary Oldman. Which are very good. Although we did run into a few issues shooting in the math wing. You’d think that would be the wing where teachers were strictest about leaving during class. But I swear in between every take was a student going to their locker or the bathroom or where ever else. But other than that small speed bump everything went well, and we’re working on a schedule for next week, hoping to shoot after school with Ms. Lerner. Overall, we’re really happy with our first week and are looking forward to the rest of the year!


Club Melo

p.s. Oh, you can’t say your crew name in Chinese? That’s embarrassing.

Well hello again blog readers!


Nuthin’ much going on this week here at Clubmelo!  Just revising the script and a lot of story-boardin’. Im sitting next to the sugar plum fairy and it just winked at me….ANYWAYS we had our secret santa today before break! It went very successful! EveryonE got their gifts but MEYERS! Because he didn’t attend!! There was a whole lot of crying, it was horrible.  But with the gift of Christmas joy and glee, we patched those wounds.  Over the vacation we will be finishing up our storyboards, celebrating Christmas and having a wonderful New Year. Our really attractive mega-star Justin Connolly will be getting a hair cut, he is ready. for. this. role.  OH YEAH!!!

Well well well! Thats all for us My wonderful little MeloLovers! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Hey, guys. It’s Jen Siff for Pomelo’s first blog. Pre-pro is well underway. Our crew is forming, but we still have roles to cast. I, alongside my co-director, Rory Hardiman, am co-directing this hit of a script written by the man, the myth, the legend: Nick Pic. We’ve snagged the Academy Acclaimed Justin Connolly for the lead role and he’s already mastered, not only the Full Windsor knot, but every tie knot known to man. Speaking of Justin, he is currently at the actor’s studio mastering his craft with the acting guru, Matt Landry.  Mr. Connor will, of course, be playing himself. Needless to say, this crew is pretty stacked, and some crews, not that I’ll name names *cough* pomegranate *cough cough* should watch out. Well, that’s all for now from the actual best crew in film fest.

SNEAK PEEK FOR NEXT TIME: YES VIEWERS! Im back! The Master Blogger has returned. Sir Justin Connolly has come back to fulfill your hearts with his art of what we call the blog.  I will be doing most of the blogs for  my wonderful green fruit from here on out. Some new groovy information has come on by and we finally casted our Tieless Teacher. Yes it is THE Mr. O’Malley. Pomelo and I are quite thrilled to have him on board. This movie will only be fantastic.

Thats all for now, but but please don’t be too upset, we’ll be back soon my followers.

From ClubMelo

Pomelo Crew…..greatness.